Article by Elizabeth Dunkel,

“I live in the tropical jungle and dream of cities and cold. A friend lives in an Edwardian, Edinburgh townhouse and dreams of a chic, modern glass dwelling at the beach.

Another friend lives in suburban New Jersey and dreams of life on a ranch in Wyoming. Whilst a friend in Vancouver dreams of life in Italy. And who doesn’t want to live in Paris?

For many years I thought my desire to plant myself somewhere else was only silly me, wanting what I didn’t have. I thought it had to do with my restlessness, my internationality, my dual city/country nature. Or to be perfectly honest, I blamed it on my tendency to be not satisfied.

So, I recently wrote an article about feeling homeless and the response was so huge that it made me realize I touched on something.

It’s Not Just Me – So Is It an Age Thing?

I discovered that it is not uncommon for women in their 60s to be soul searching for a place to live. During our lives we live where we grew up, or we live where we get jobs.

Sometimes we live at a place where we ended up through a combination of university, marriage, family and work. And we don’t think much about it – it is what it is.

But suddenly, in our 60s, it is not uncommon to feel that our soul doesn’t feel at home there. It is restless. The feeling gets urgent.

We’ve outgrown our home for a variety of reasons. Divorce, death. Maybe it’s too expensive and we need a lower cost lifestyle. We begin dreaming of where we want to live. Which is, it turns out, “anywhere but here.” Lucky are you who love exactly where you are.

Age is pressing, and now we do have the freedom, time and money to move. We begin fantasizing, rationalizing, looking for our soul’s home. After all, why not live exactly where you want to live?”

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