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“Did you know that baby boomers compose a vast 80 million of our population in 2016? With that being said, many are either already retired or are looking to retire in the upcoming years. Ranging in age anywhere from 52 – 70 years old, baby boomers are unlike those in the past. Instead of turning towards retirement homes, they are looking for certain things that make living independently easier on themselves.

Being more active and placing an emphasis on their health, boomers want options when it comes to where they live. They are a more sophisticated generation, and appreciate the bigger picture. Because of this, they are making a lasting impact when it comes down to how builders are designing their homes centered around the needs of this generation. Whether this age group is selling and downsizing or redesigning to accommodate their retired lifestyle, there is something to be said about baby boomers and housing trends.

Check out these trends and this infographic in order to get a feel for what the houses for this generation might include:

Home Offices
Even if baby boomers aren’t yet retiring, they are moving away from the traditional 9-to-5 jobs and keeping work inside their homes. Because of this, boomers are looking for home offices. Even a part time position or secondary job allows boomers to stay busy after retirement in order to provide a supplemental income.

Tech/Media Rooms with Controllable Features
Boomers have become more tech-savvy, and want a home to go along with it. Many are looking for media rooms with surround sound that can be managed all in one location. Others want a wireless home network, remote control lighting and security features that can be controlled with the click of a button.”

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